We are in the people business

Sudsies University is your one-stop resource for information, tools and resources designed to enhance you experience as a Sudsies team member. Please follow the links below to explore what’s available to you.

Women Learning at SGCU

The Sudsies Way

An overview of our history, mission, values, culture, brand…and anything else that makes Sudsies stand apart.

How We Work

The nitty-gritty of working at Sudsies, from our pay philosophy, to benefits, to HR practices and more.

Women Learning at SGCU
Costumer Care

Customer Care

Discover our strategy for surpassing customer expectations. Explore the methods, tools, techniques, and emotional aspects that foster a deep affinity for our services.

Learning The Ropes

An extensive variety of training materials to help you hit the ground running-and keep up the pace-in your career with Sudsies.

Women Learning at SGCU
Costumer Care


Dive into the ‘Management’ section to meet the minds behind the scenes. Uncover the roles and responsibilities of each key individual shaping our organizational journey.